Vegetarian Living Categories

Vegetarian living has been considered as a very suitable lifestyle for the people who want to make sure that wellness will be preserved and it comes in different categories that made it possible for the shift towards a healthier diet will be simpler.

Below are the different categories of vegetarian living:

Beginner Vegetarian

This is the type of vegetarian who gives importance to the reduction of meat, poultry, dairy and fish product intake and though beginner vegetarians are already aware of vegan living, they still have a lot to learn about the diet. They may fail to follow the real sense of veganism but these people are really interested at the thought of becoming one.

Intermediate Vegetarian

This type of vegetarian is someone who follows a lacto ovo vegetarian diet but aside from eggs and dairy products, these people eat plant foods most of the time and this category is considered as the ideal step to start a vegan diet. . Lacto ovo vegetarian diet is easy to follow because it can easily fulfill one's nutritional requirements while being able to take advantage of tasty foods. Definitely, for the people who cannot easily give up their usual food choices, this is the type of diet that must be followed.

Advanced Vegetarian

This category is also referred to as Lacto vegetarian and even if they are allowed to consume dairy products, they are not allowed to eat animal protein or eggs. Advanced Vegetarians refrain from eating eggs because of the belief that egg as an ovum has the potential of becoming an animal.

Expert Vegan

Pure vegans fall under this category and they are the people who avoid all types of animal protein and animal by-products, which mean they consume no meat, no fish, no poultry and no dairy. This is the most ideal form of vegetarian living since grains, vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, legumes, and nuts and seeds are the sources of nutrition that these people depend on.

Vegetarian living may not be simple but there are categories that will help you adjust and make the switch to healthier living a lot simpler and make it possible for optimal health benefits to be achieved in a fast way.

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