Slim Fast Review Red Bean And Pepper Chilli Recipe by Slim-fast

Followers of the Slim-Fast diet eat 3 snacks, 2 shakes or bars and 1 "proper" healthy meal per day. On its UK website, Slim-Fast provides 31 suggested recipes that can be used by followers of its diet, and which count as healthy, proper meals. Since followers of the Slim-Fast diet only get to eat one real meal per day, it is essential that this one meal per day is appealing and appetising. Otherwise, we suspect that most people wouldn't last long! In this first in a new series of articles we review one of these 31 recipes - Red Bean and Pepper Chilli. We hope that these articles will form a useful resource that could help people in two main ways:

The Slim-Fast recipe for Red Bean and Pepper Chilli.

Note that this recipe serves 2 people. I have adjusted the recipe description to make it easier to follow, and to make it clear in which order the different tasks should be undertaken.

Our verdict of the Slim-Fast recipe for Red Bean and Pepper Chilli.

I found this recipe surprisingly good, especially for such an un-inspiring list of ingredients. The taste was good, although I found the textures all too similar. For this reason I would suggest adding something with a bit of crunch - a few crushed low-fat tortilla chips would be ideal. I found the meal to be satisfying - in fact it succeeded in filling me up even though I had just returned from an hour-long run. I would certainly cook this recipe again, and would give it the "thumbs-up."

The cost of the Slim-Fast recipe for Red Bean and Pepper Chilli.

I worked out the cost for the entire recipe at approximately 2.60. Since the recipe is sufficient for 2 portions, that works out at around 1.30 per portion. Note that this cost calculation is based on prices on 9 June 2012 at my local supermarket. The cost of cooking this recipe is likely to vary depending on location and date.

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