Mini Lentil Burgers With Hummus And Roasted Capsicum

The recipe of burger here is a good snack option, quick to prepare, health and delicious at the same time. Korma curry paste is used by me in this recipe, but any curry paste of your preference can be added and create a new taste for this. Try adding vindaloo; it will add a spicy flavor. This very healthy dish is very tasty and will impress your dinner guest and kids as well.

This recipe is low fat and low in sugar.Energy per 100g: 393kJ - 94CalFat per 100g: 2.7gT

Recipe Serves:This will serve and make 6 burgers.Recipe Ingredients:??? 200g can lentils, well drained??? 75 potato??? 10g plain flour??? 10g korma paste??? 5g teaspoon olive oil??? Salt and pepper to taste??? 30g hummus dip??? 25g roasted capsicum, sliced

Recipe Method:1. Boil potato until tender. Drain, mash with fork, set aside.2. Place drained lentils in bowl and add mashed potatoes and korma paste, and add salt and pepper according to the taste. Mix well to combine ensuring the lentils; potato and paste are well combined.3. Place flour on plate, make lentil burgers into small burgers and coat in flour. Place in refrigerator for approx 35-45 minutes. Preheat medium non - stick frying pan over medium heat, add burgers and cook approximately 1-2 minutes each side or until golden brown.4. Place on plate and cook rest of batch, place small amount of hummus on top of burger finishing with a small piece of roasted capsicum.

Recipe Nutrition Panel:

Servings: 6Serving size: 30g

Average Serve Average 100gEnergy 232 kJ 393 kJ55 Cal 94 CalProtein 2.6 g 4.4 gFat, total 1.6 g 2.7 g- saturated 0.2 g 0.4 gCarbohydrate 6.7 g 11.4 g- sugars 0.6 g 1.0 gSodium 164 mg 277 mgRegulate the amount of spice by varying the curry paste used!

This recipe is a good option for people who do not wish to gain weight but want something exciting and delicious to eat. Mostly all the diet food are either boiled or recipe breaks the monotony of it and gives the diet that extra and much needed flavor.

So all the people who are on diet, you know what can be an alternative sometimes!

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