KitchenStir Announces Easy-To-Use Automated Cooking and Healthy Weight Loss Recipe Campaign

Patented cooking appliances distributed by KitchenStir??? are excellent for use as a healthy weight loss tool; that's what their customer reviews say. ??To better understand the recipe preferences of its customers, KitchenStir??? announced an open forum to request special recipes for every day home cooking.?? The recipe ideas should deliver tasty results and be easy to prepare using the patented appliances offered by KitchenStir or its distributors that include Hammacher Schlemmer.?? To contribute your ideas and recipes please email: ??recipes_at_. For customer appreciation, please request a 25 percent off coupon that will be emailed to recipe or idea contributors.

"We truly value the feedback offered by customers in order to improve our recipes and special uses.?? Many have found that life in the kitchen is a lot easier with stir cooking appliances that Mix and Cook. ??This transforms daily cooking into a pleasant experience with many menu options. ??Recipe development feedback helps us improve recipes related to our present appliance line and apply these insights to our future innovations," Jeffrey Vicars, CEO and General Manager for KitchenStir???, said. "We've enjoyed incredible response from satisfied customers in the US and Canada that contacted us with their cooking tips and healthy weight loss ideas. We make intermittent and continuous stirring as easy as a flip of a switch.?? We perform tremendously for many kinds of ethnic cooking, quality popcorn, sauces, soups, all kinds of fresh veggie add excitement to the menu!"

"We enjoy providing exceptional service to highly esteemed universities and institutions, professionals, every day cooks, and beginners.?? We want exceptional service to accompany our life changing products," co-founder Jeffrey Vicars said.?? KitchenStir??? innovations began in 2003 by developing patented and labor-saving appliances for their own and major brands.?? ??Cooking technology in the Chef Stir Pan line by KitchenStir allows for closed lid and focused heating to quietly saute, stir-fry, simmer, melt, or caramelize with intermittent or continuous stirring.?? These unique features reduce fume emissions, heat loss and manual labor.?? The stir-cook combination in one robust appliance is easy to operate and supports a broad menu. ??

KitchenStir??? transforms daily cooking with tasty results, easy use, and outstanding menu versatility.?? An independent product reviewer claims that "I use my KitchenStir every day, and twice on Sundays! ??Most kitchen appliances don't come close to their claims, but yours does, and it feels good to write about it." The reviewer states that "the KitchenStir is an excellent value for money, even if you only use it occasionally. It is compact and lightweight, so it's easy to take out just when you need another pair of hands in the kitchen. Having cooked meals for over 30 years, that's always been true for me!"??

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